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Flossing Tips and Tricks

The most common tool used to floss your teeth is regular old string floss. This has been around since the beginning of time, and for a long time was the only thing used (or not used, right?). For most teenagers and adults, its simple to use. Wrap the floss around the middle finger of each hand, and shimmy it down between each tooth, cleaning the sides of them. Continue to do the same for all teeth, then throw out the floss.

However, sometimes we have patients who come in who maybe have limited mobility, or younger kids or teenagers whose dexterity prevents them from being able to use regular floss. This is a great time to stop flossing.

Just kidding. There's lots of stuff on the markets to help. Floss picks are great. They're just floss on a handle, so instead of trying to put your fingers in your mouth and get around all the teeth, you just hold it by the convenient little handle.

But what about when you have teeth with really tight contacts and you find that more often than not, you're ripping your floss in half just to get it between your teeth? This may be a great scenario to look at a WaterPik or Air Flosser. Both of these products use air and water to gently clean under the gums between the teeth. You just place the tip in between each tooth (by the gums, think of where the floss goes) and press the button and bam- air and water will shoot through the gums and clean out whatever is in there. Just make sure you're close enough to a sink to spit out all the water - this is not as convenient as flossing while you're sitting in traffic on your way home.

Do you have a fixed bridge or braces? There are multiple ways to keep those clean. From floss threaders which allow you to get the string floss under those brackets, to toothpick-like brushes that will help get any food out from under your bridge, there's no more excuses to not be flossing!

If you have any issues flossing, brushing or generally any questions about your oral health, make sure to ask us! We love to help you stay informed!