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SmileSense is ready, willing and able to help you with all your dental needs! Whether you need basic work like a cleaning or something more advanced like a root canal, our talented team will make sure you have a great experience. We offer a collection of the most common general dentistry services, and several oral surgery services. SmileSense also provides sedation dentistry so you can get the dental work you need, handled comfortably, no matter how fearful you might be. We believe people of all ages should be welcomed to the dentist with open arms and made to feel at home, and we do just that for our ever-growing list of happy clients.

We offer free consultations to all patients to make this decision even easier. If you are unsure about what you need, or just apprehensive in general, we can sit down with you and look at your specific situation.  This will provide you some free insight into your oral health that you can then use to schedule an appointment. We hope that we can get to know you soon and show you just how wonderful a visit to our dental office can be.

Call us today at (780) 467-3388 or email us at smilesense@live.com to get started on your journey to better oral health.    

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