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Free Dental Consultations in Sherwood Park, AB

Offering Free Dental Consultations

The friendly staff at SmileSense wants to arm you with all of the information you need before receiving dental care at our family dentist practice in Sherwood Park. For that reason, we offer free dental consultations to all of our new and returning patients. Perhaps you have questions about your treatment plan or its costs. Our team will detail the options and procedures available to you, showcasing what makes us such an affordable dentist and why our patients continue to visit our office for their dental care.

We Are Happy to Review All Treatment Plans

SmileSense strives to make each of our patients comfortable with any dental procedure we suggest, whether it is as simple as a filling or as complex as implants or extractions. We invite our patients to request a consultation to receive a further explanation of their treatment plan, its cost, potential payment plans, and any pressing concerns. This free dental consultation is meant to inform, but our dentists are flexible. If we determine a way to improve your dental care or eliminate any worries, we will revise your plan.

Our Dental Consultations Are Not Limited to Regular Patients

If you are not a regular patient but are intrigued by our sedation dentistry, call us at (780) 467-3388 to schedule a free consultation today. Our knowledgeable staff will provide all the details about each of our methods. SmileSense has been providing sedation dentistry in Sherwood Park, AB for more than a decade. This practice allows patients who have anxiety to visit an affordable dentist without fear. Our free dental consultation will describe the oral IV sedation and nitrous oxide techniques that we employ at our practice.

Necessary Measures for Potential New Patients to Take

New patients are always welcome at SmileSense. We are Sherwood Park’s trusted, affordable dentist. Call us with any questions you may have about our procedures, staff, or office. To provide a useful free dental consultation as it pertains to any of our dental care procedures, we will request recent x-rays from your previous dentist. If you have not had x-rays taken recently, we may have to take them in our Sherwood Park office before discussing appropriate treatment options. Should we need to take x-rays, there will be a fee.

Call or Visit SmileSense for Your Free Dental Consultation

Our top priority is making our patients comfortable with their dental care. As a result, we are happy to provide free dental consultations for new patients and those who have been visiting us for years. Let us help calm any concerns about suggested procedures, costs, or overall treatment plans. Call us at (780) 467-3388 or fill out our online form to schedule your free dental consultation today.


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