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Convenient Location

Located just off Broadmoor Boulevard, our office has free parking-lot parking as well as an easy-to-access private entrance. 

Here at SmileSense, our goal is to give you quality dental care while also considering your health and the health of the environment.

Our office is scent-reduced and latex-free, and we use low-dose digital x-rays with no harsh developing chemicals. We also use a steam autoclave sterilizer, with testing done daily to ensure that our sterilizer is working properly and efficiently. We use a specific dental-instrument cleaner (it looks similar to a dishwasher) and visual inspection of instruments prior to sterilization to ensure cleanliness of everything that will be used in your mouth.

We recycle all paper products (including the paper we wrap instruments with, so long as it hasn't been contaminated) as well as all cardboard boxes (from supply deliveries) and containers for our disinfecting wipes. We also recycle paper products that come to the front desk (envelopes, etc.) and shred and recycle papers that have any patient information on it. We are a fully digital office - no paper charts or notes, reducing the amount of paper we use and recycle.

Our team at SmileSense prides ourselves on following all infection-control guidelines and maintaining cleanliness and sterility (where applicable) of everything in our office.


#123 - 9 Chippewa Road
Sherwood Park, AB
T8A 6J7

Phone - (780) 467-3388
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